Sunday, 14 April 2013

Our first meeting - a brief report

The International Socialist Network, launched on 11 March, held its first national meeting on Saturday 13 April in central London. 90 socialist activists from around Britain were joined by observers from the IS tradition in North America and some groups in Britain.

The meeting discussed the next steps for the IS Network – from organisational structures to relationships with the rest of the left in Britain and internationally and how best to continue and develop the best of the IS tradition, theoretically and practically. It passed a draft constitution and elected an interim steering committee.

Women members reported back from the caucus earlier in the day and news was shared of local IS Network meetings that have been held and others that are planned. Members made clear their commitment to transparency and in this spirit, minutes of the meeting will be published to members and on the website within the week. This practice will be adopted for all future meetings.

For further information on the IS Network email


  1. Aren't you just a bunch of sectarian splitters who are severely harming revolutionary socialism in this country for the sake of one person?

    There's no way Lenin would have behaved like you have.

    1. Vlad The Impaler1 May 2013 at 13:47

      And aren't you some robotic hack who hides behind a mask of anonymity in case your regional organiser whups your ass for even acknowledging our existence by posting on this blog?

  2. And of course Vlad the Impaler is your real name. Whats your excuse? btw idiocy is no excuse.

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  4. There`s good reason to remain anonymous in the world of socialism, be your ideas revolutionary or non-violent (and dangerous because of their chance to appeal to those with revolutionaty intentions).

    We must have Left Unity and unite behind the fundamental fulcramatic change of the removal of the USA Private Banking Federal Reserve System and their International Allies and replacement of such with a United World Treasuries allocating funds directly to Community Betterment Organizations on the basis of need.

    Back to reality?

    1. Hugo Chavez lives!

      Although it would be impossible for such a brilliant, caring, Maoist leader to evolve in the United States given the Capitalist Imperialist Militaristic (i.e. Fascist) history of our Republic, such a Leader would be what we desperately need if only the populace had not evolved to such a decadent, mislead, ignorant, hedonistic, genocidal, suicidal mass of swirling debauchery and idiocy.

      Whereas the USA Military Establishment, in conjunction with other Government and Government contracted establishments, no doubt does Resource Planning that they share with the Corporatocracy and the greedy, extractive, exploitative Investment Bankers/Bankers who are the beneficiaries of the Private Federal Reserve System, such Planning is done under the presumption of a USA lead World Manifest Destiny of Western Imperialist Capitalism.

      Nonetheless, the USA Empires spiral headlong towards world and planetary destruction because of a religious zeal based on greed, selfishness, and dominance that sees maximization of revenues and profits as the only worthwhile goal.

      Since we are bound to live out our lives under the tyranny of such a creed and its entropic momentum, the hope for the third world lies under the leadership that has been extended to other Latin Countries by Mr. Chavez.

      It is a shame because the idea of regional (re) development banks ( I prefer the concept and term equity unions) could go a long way towards implementing a peaceful, inclusive, equitable, sedentary (thus sustainable) ecological economic redevelopment paradigm in the regions collectively known as the USA concomitant with such initiatives in all regions of the world.

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