Friday, 25 January 2013

Birkbeck SWSS statement

Birkbeck SWSS calls for comrades to call for a special conference to address the current crisis within the SWP. The fallout from the Disputes committee report into allegations against comrade delta has developed into a crisis for our party. The CC’s handling of the matter since the conference has been both inadequate and misjudged.

Already the crisis has effected our intervention in NUS and will start to effect our intervention in trade unions and the labor movement.

We believe the following are things comrades must demand:

-The CC must clarify ‘Comrade Deltas” on-going role in the party and our united fronts. This is not about deciding the comrade’s innocence or guilt but limiting damage to our party. The comrade has lost the trust of a significant number of comrades.

· The party must formally consider positive proposals for changes to how the DC handles cases of this nature, including those that comrades were not allowed to raise at conference.

· To censure the CC for its handling of this crisis post-conference. The party must act to rebuild trust, recognising that over a question of this nature declaring “we have voted” is not enough.

· That we reject the CC’s arbitrary deadline for calls for a special conference. A special conference is a means of the membership holding the leadership to account - a vital part of democratic centralism. We reserve the right to wait for the decisions of the national committee before deciding whether to campaign for a special conference.

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