Friday, 25 January 2013

Brunel SWSS Statement

Brunel Swss condemn, without reservation, the politically bankrupt and morally reprehensible behaviour of the SWP central committee, in regards to the crisis currently rocking the party. Student comrades have been met with hostility from groups we were on a previous good footing with. Certain sections of the university staff have now joined this chorus of disapproval, and we now face political isolation, the undoing of all our previous work, as the voices of our critics grow in correspondence to the cc’s silence.
We unreservedly feel that this silence is indicative of a complete failure of leadership, and note that this paralysis is even more egregious when ‘leadership’ was the shibboleth the current cc used to justify its own controversial revised slate. Under these conditions, any student activity must be, at least for the meanwhile, suspended, as comrades feel they cannot sustain the party line, especially when it is being deployed as a weapon against us by our political foes; has alienated us from the movement, and, more importantly, is being rejected by large sections of the party’s own membership. 
Nevertheless, and precisely because of the faith we have in our party and the proud tradition in which it stands, we urge the leadership to reconsider its position and to accept the growing call for special conference, the creation of a commission over the Disputes Committee, and would further insist that Comrade Delta should stand down immediately from party and affiliate roles.

In Solidarity,
Brunel SWSS

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