Friday, 25 January 2013

Kent SWSS Statement

UKC (Kent) SWSS has voted to pass this statement to make clear that we are dissatisfied with the way the Disputes Committee handled allegations made against a leading member, and the inadequate response from the leadership during the aftermath.  The processes used fell far below what members expect from a revolutionary party which aims to address oppression.  The current situation is due to the failing of the central committee to acknowledge these problems.

Allegations of creeping autonomism and feminism from the leadership are unhelpful, and appear designed to create divides within the party which do not exist.  More open discussion within the party is the only way to reconcile this situation.  We are making this statement not to create division, but because we feel it is the only way we can continue to be active members of SWSS on campus. 

We are calling for:

1.  A special conference, so that the problems which the party needs to deal with can be dealt with democratically and student voices heard, in order that we can continue to fight austerity, oppression and capitalism in unity.

2.  The removal of the member against whom allegations were made from public positions in recognition of the fact that the Disputes Committee report was barely accepted, and the Chair of the committee did not think he should be exonerated.

3.  A commission into the party's constitution, the make-up of the Disputes Committee, and how it will handle such cases in the future.

4.  The reinstatement of the 4 four members expelled in the pre-conference period, as these expulsions were not made in the best interests of the party.

5.  Proper explanation for why Hannah Dee was removed from the Central Committee at short notice.

University of Kent SWSS

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