Friday, 25 January 2013

Further Education (FE) SWSS members statement

 As FE SWSS members* we would like to make public that we condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the recent handling of very serious accusations against a leading member of the SWP Central Committee.
The Socialist Workers Party is in crisis. Over the last month, our reputation as the best fighters on the left has been dealt hefty blows. It is time the straw man arguments the CC has consistently used since November are dispensed with and the CC acts to stop the inevitable demise of our organisation; at the centre of these arguments is the report of the Disputes Committee, a mere two fifths of conference delegates approved the Disputes Committee report, a vote at conference that tends to be unanimous. Despite the wish of the Central Committee at the end of Conference for the matter to ‘remain closed’ it was never to be so, even before a full transcript was released in sectarian blogs.
All members of the SWP should take these suggestions to their branches and argue for a special conference through the mechanisms in place to keep the party democratically accountable.
As an organisation, the SWP has a long and proud tradition of fighting for women’s liberation; the actions of the CC have caused this reputation significant and irreversible damage to those in and outside the organisation.
As FE SWSS members, we call for:
1) A special conference, so the organisation can resolve this political crisis in a way that holds accountable those responsible and gives the membership the clarity and confidence needed to implement our political strategy.
2) An immediate public response that can provide clarity around the failures of the DC’s due process.
3) Delta to be removed from any official or public position within our organization, particularly given disagreement on the DC with respect to the question of Delta’s conduct.
4) The Reinstatement of all comrades either replaced or removed to their original positions
Signed by
Dexter Hill
Gina Elby
Kaity Squires
Ollie Vargas
Robert Jones
Amy Ward
Shereen Prasad
Rob Jones
*We would like to make crystal clear that we do not claim to represent the views of all FE SWSS members, only the concerned members listed. However, we would welcome further signatories, and urge FE students who agree with us to add their signatures.


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  2. Over the last month, our reputation as the Mark best fighters on the left has been dealt hefty blows.