Friday 15 March 2013

Statement of Disaffiliation

In response to the recent crisis engulfing the SWP over its mishandling of rape allegations, Leeds University Socialist Workers Student Society would like to announce our disaffiliation from the organisation.
We feel this step is necessary because of the party’s inherent sexism and bureaucratised democratic structure, which has also historically subordinated the role of Socialist Workers Student Society. The treatment of dissident voices within the party and subsequent bullying and intimidation of young members has made our continued affiliation untenable.
We believe democracy and women’s liberation are the foundations of a truly revolutionary movement. As such, we have decided to reconstitute our group with these principles at our core, under the name Revolutionary Socialists (RevSoc).
We are committed to the fight against capitalism, oppression and imperialism and will work with all those in the movement who share these goals, in a non-sectarian manner.
As a group, want to work towards left unity on campus, building on our recent successes of working with other activists. We extend our invitation to all staff and students to contact us who share our dedication to creating a viable socialist alternative.
Leeds University Revolutionary Socialists (RevSoc)


  1. Hi

    The disaffiliation and creation of RevSoc is a massive step forward for the left in Leeds and more preferable then members just dropping out or resigning as individuals and leaving the field to most mindlessly loyal sectarian heresy hunters of the SWP,

    One suggestion is RevSoc hosting a regional meeting on Marxism and Feminism I think you would get people across Yorkshire and Workers Liberty can Help build this. We argue feminism is central and integral part of a healthy revolutionary movement. I think with the recent splits and troubles in the SWP is an equally important question as the meaning of democratic centralism for all Marxists to address. Leeds SWSS had a Joint meeting on Campus with Fem Soc so I know you have been taking this question seriously.

    The SWP loyalists, Workers Power, Socialist Party and Socialist Appeal all seem to consider Feminism a dirty word, a diversion and even "petty Bourgeois". This leads them to exactly the kind of blindness on issues such as misogyny, sexism and even rape in our movement that we have seen recently or to unprincipled lash ups with those who attacks women's rights.
    An article by Lenin is held up to justify all of this meanwhile the writings of Clara Zetkin, Babel, Kollantai, De Beauvoir etc and struggles of working class women like Grunwick and today among-st women workers in China and elsewhere are largely ignored.

    Let me know what you think? We look forward to working with you.

    Dave Kirk
    Leeds Workers Liberty

  2. The trouble is though that you think anti-Zionists are anti-Semites and you think anti-imperialism is the new socialism of fools.

  3. Just to but in there. Socialist Party does not see feminism as a dirty word at all. One of our young members is even a slutwalk organiser.

    Even though I'm a bloke Is till count myself a feminist.

    Newcastle Socialist Party

  4. How does Dave Kirk get the idea we (I'm in Socialist Party Wales) think feminism is a "dirty word"? I mean...just...

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