Sunday, 17 March 2013

Reappraising the IS Tradition

This blog will be running a series of pieces by IS Network members, as a starting point for a collective discussion about the body of experience and ideas that we call the "IS tradition" and its relation to the urgent practical questions that face the left today. We also invite our members to write reports of the struggles and protests they have been taking part in.

We reject any accusation that encouraging members to explore their ideas, write them down and seek feedback would be "turning inward". Instead, we believe that comrades will have more enthusiasm to take an active part in the ongoing struggles against austerity if they know they have a space where their viewpoints are being engaged with instead of being dismissed.

Do not worry if your writing is unpolished or your ideas aren't fully formed. We want everyone to feel free to contribute and to respond constructively to others' contributions. We have nothing to hide as we embark upon this process of reassessing and reinvigorating our tradition.


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